John Mardeusz, Seargant At Arms

I would like to introduce you to our Sgt-At-Arms, John Mardeusz. John took over this position when Al Bagrowski passed away. We are thankful that he did. You can often find John on the dance floor and always willing to help where help is needed. -Shirley

My parents came to the US from Poland. I attended 4 yrs. of Polish school and learned to polka dance in the 9th grade. That is where a priest dubbed me “Specs.” I was in the military service from ‘53-’55. I attended 6 years of night school and studied business management. In 1957 I married Florence and had 61 years together until she passed away in 2018. We are blessed with 3 boys and 3 girls. I enjoyed early polka dancing with Sadrack, MI Polka-Tels, Polish Kid and the Kavalier’s just to name a few. My out of state favorites include Marion Lush, Eddy B, Happy Louie and of course the #1 band in all our surveys, Duane Malinowski. We enjoyed these bands through the summer with dances at New Liberty, Pardee, Green Lawn Grove, Warsaw Park, and great times on the Boblo boat. There were festival weekends with one church or another having music Friday thru Sunday. Our club used to have 8 dances a year. I have met many wonderful people as well as dancers. I am active in softball, golf and bowling.