Michigan’s Only Polka Club Located in Southeast Michigan!

L to R – John (Specs) Mardeusz (Sgt-at-Arms); Mike Biesiadecki (Treasurer); Mindi Tietz (President); Mike Gryczko (Vice-President); Gary Stewart (Secretary); John Janiga (Trustee).
Not Pictures – Mike Rekuta (Trustee)

Latest News

Introducing the 2023 Officers!

President: Mindi Tietz
Vice-President: Mike Gryczko
Secretary: Gary Stewart
Treasurer: Mike Biesiadecki
Sgt-at-Arms: John (Specs) Mardeusz

3 Trustees:
John Janiga (1yr)
Open (2yr)
Mike Rekuta (3yr)

Membership Chair: Helen Jenkins
Newsletter: Shirley Siwiec

Dance Schedule!

We are pleased to announce our dance schedule for 2023!
April 23
September 24
October 22
November 12
December 10

Please see the Dance Schedule for flyers and more information! We hope to see you at our dances!

Membership & Renewals!

Are you interested in supporting polka music and the Polka Booster Club of America? We would love to have you join our club! Without our wonderful members, we wouldn’t be able to hold dances. Please help keep polka music alive!
Please click here for a link to the membership application!