Michael Gryczko, Vice President

Mike Gryczko has taken on the role of Vice President and is ready to help Mindi keep the Boosters active for the upcoming year. We had a chance to visit with Mike and learn a little more about him. Please join me in welcoming Mike in his new role as Vice President of the Polka Boosters. We are sure he will do a great job. Welcome, Mike, and good luck! -Shirley Siwiec

Mike was introduced to polka music probably at five years of age.  When asked about the music, Mike replied “Polkas were always being played in our house and I grew up in an era where 78 RPM’S were popular”. His favorites included Frank Wojnarowski, Ray Henry and Gene Wisniewski.

As the years went by, the polka industry changed, and many new bands were introduced which Mike likes as well. Mike has enjoyed polkas most his life and enjoys traveling near and far for different polka events.  He was the treasurer for the Hamtramck Polka Boosters for 10 years and Mike is convinced “Polka music is in my blood”.