Club History

Traveling on Sunday to Rustic Lodge in Luna Pier for Polka Music was our group of friends. Question was ask “why don’t we have Polka Music at a club closer to home”, We decided to start a Polka Club.

First organizing meeting was held in July 1967 at the home of Mack Pilat.

In attendance were Founders: Tony Turczyn, Mack Pilat, Wally Webber, Ed Wolanin, Steve Cichon and Paul Drabczyk. Also in attendance were Betty Skowronski, Ida Masiarczyk, Delphine Hll,Ann Susac and Anita Pawlowski.

Dues were set at $2.00 per year or $10.00 for 5 years making you a Charter Member. Originally only Charter Members were able to run for office. The name “POLKA BOOSTER CLUB OF AMERICA” was approved.

First meeting was held at Sip & Chat Lounge in Detroit, second meeting at Tip Top Lounge on Proctor. For about the next 5 years meetings were at Sgt. Madaj Post then to the Dearborn Civic Center then to Sokol Cultural Center.

First officers were:
President: Al Jay,
Vice President: Kenny Pytlak,
Treasurer: Gerda Galen,
Recording Secretary:  Betty Shaw,
Corresponding Secretary: Ida Masiarczyk (Wegrzyn),
Sgt. at Arms: Sylvester Peplinski,
Registered Agent: Mack Pilat,
Entertainment Chairman: Tom Zacharias,.

The welcome dance was held at Veterans Hall on Maple Road in Dearborn.

The first regular Polka Dance was held at Msgr. Hunt KofC Hall with music by MARION LUSH ORCHESTRA from Chicago. The following schedule was approved and is still in use: Inaugural Ball: January, Anniversary Dinner Dance: September, Christmas Party: December, Our first Picnic was held at Greenlawn Grove Picnic Grounds. With the election of Florence Kateu as President in 1984 our membership increased to OVER 400.

John Matusiak wrote our theme lyrics to the MOONLIGHT POLKA on December 3, 1986 Below is a copy of the original work.

At present our membership is over 380. Dues are $15.00 per year. All Charter Members that are active are life members and pay no dues.